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Functional Foods

Foods that lay a foundation for a healthy life


Everspring Farms has developed several functional foods with specific nutritional characteristics that have the potential to fill a void in the Western diet. These include organic barley grass juice, sea buckthorn berry products, and sprouted grains and seeds. Along with these, Everspring Farms, in conjunction with Dr. Arun Nagpurkar, has developed a patented technology to fortify grains and seeds with essential fatty acids DHA and EPA under the brand Smartgrain® Complete Omega 3. These functional foods provide a variety of health and medical benefits for the user. The functional part of these products is that they are all foods that bring specific nutrients to the table to serve as catalysts in order to optimize human nutrition. By catalysts we mean chemical compounds necessary to facilitate the essential chemical reactions required for optimum body metabolism. We like to think of these rich foods as your catalytic converter for a healthy life.

Functional Food Retailers

Everspring Farm products are distributed and available through a variety of outlets throughout Ontario and Canada including retail stores, farmers markets, restaurants, and bakeries, under Everspring Farms or Smartgrain® brands.

You may also order for pick up, or arrange shipment from our main office at 22370 Adelaide Street, just north of London, Ontario. Please call 519-659-5054 to place your order.