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Sprouted Grains and Seeds

What Are They?

Everspring uses the ancient practise of sprouting grains and seeds to produce a functional food product that can be easily assimilated into many of your favourite recipes, greatly improving the nutritional content of your food.

Our organic grains and seeds are sprouted for 24-48 hours after which time they are dried. Drying the grains and seeds stabilizes all of the benefits of the sprouting process and ensures a longer shelf life for the product. After the drying process, the grains or seeds are either left whole or are milled to produce a flowable powder.

What Are The Benefits Of Sprouting Seeds?

1. Improved Digestibility
Flours and powders made from sprouted seeds are much easier to digest. This is because seed germination creates a high concentration of starch degrading enzymes that convert the difficult to digest starch molecule into vegetable sugar or glucose which is much more easily assimilated by our digestive system. Basically this fundamental transformation caused by sprouting, predigests the starch in the grain or seed for you, so that when it enters your mouth it is in a more user-friendly form. Most people lack the optimum level of digestive enzymes for efficient starch degradation so consuming sprouted seed products will help solve this problem. For this reason, many people with wheat sensitivities find that eating sprouted grain products is a great alternative to conventional grains and breads and causes them no pain or discomfort. Research shows sprouting also neutralizes enzyme inhibitors which leads to better absorption of minerals. As a functional food, sprouted grains enhance baking characteristics as breads and baked goods rise better, have a superior taste and are, of course, more nutritious.

2. Increased Vitamin and Antioxidant Levels
Sprouting seeds also increases the vitamin levels and antioxidant capacity commonly referred to as ORAC level. Besides the health advantages, increased antioxidant levels caused by sprouting also prevents oxidation of fatty acids in organic seeds like flax and chia minimizing rancidity and providing a longer shelf life.

3. Probiotics
Sprouting causes the spontaneous formation of digestive friendly lactobacillus bacteria both in the acidophilus and bifidobacterium form. These serve as probiotics which aid in the digestion of all foods.