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Organic Sprouted Hulless Oat Groats



7.99 CAD

Sprouted oat groats take this traditional food to the next level. Our organic sprouted oat groats are the perfect addition to any meal. With a sweeter taste and softer consistency than regular oat groats, they may be prepared as a hot breakfast cereal or added to soups and side dishes. Everspring Farms Organic Sprouted Oat Groats are sprouted on site at our BRC certified facility using a special variety of hulless oats from local Ontario farmers. Sprouted oat groats taste sweeter than regular groats because of the conversion in the seed from starch to sugar during germination. They also have a soft, nutty consistency and cook in half the time compared to regular groats – a huge advantage on a busy morning.
TASTES GREAT IN: breakfast dishes, soups, side dishes, casseroles